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New modular DEL RGB  types scoreboards  and Cible GoalSoft.

We plan to replace the largest number scoreboards in Quebec arenas with this type of screens, to allow the greatest number of hockey players to benefit all the facilities offered by GoalSoft.


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A smart & intuitive pointing solution. Our display solutions will satisfied players, crowd, managers and scorekeepers.

GoalSoft offers audio playback functions, video streaming, automatic statistics records, and will increased visibility of your sponsors with ads and logos slideshow.

No scoreboard can compete with these facilities.

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A marriage of technologies to one of

5 oldest sports in the world !

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In détail, our solutions...




A Division of Cible Detection, we install the required equipments to display and stream Cible GoalSoft Scoreboard.  Including required wireless network configurations and different audio-visual equipments.

Web Management

For league administrators. Web management allows players online registrations and payments . All relevant datas are available and accessible by administrators. All datas are recorded and secured on the '' Cloud '' and accessible only by those administrators. Send e-mails, receive notifications of absences and availability of your players for a game.


An optional feature compatible with GoalSoft  that automatically broadcasts on the sceen the replay of goals scored during a game. The screen switches to resume and returns to the Goalsoft scoreboard after replay broadcasting. Video replay clips can be saved to a virtual or physical disk after each game.


Functional prototype phase system. for the first time in hockey history, this incredible solution allow to know with precision if the puck crossed totaly the goal line.

Working in stand-alone mode or with the Cible GoalSoft software. A transponder inserted in the puck is required, that puck has the same properties as a conventionnal one.



An intelligent and intuitive graphical scoreboard software broadcast on a large modular LED RGB screen.  It combines auto-playing your music playlist, Slideshow feature for your sponsors & ads,

players roster recognition, statistics recording and automatic match summaries generation.

Remote control capability with your mobile phone and lot more...

L-up Builder

Allows you to create your teams and events with a desktop software application wich belongs to you.  This application allows to publish online games dates or email the created game line-up to your players.

Save the Line-up code on a USB key to import into GoalSoft at your arena for stats recording during your game play.



Integrated with web management it is possible to collect payments from players as soon as they register. Another payment option is available for last-minute replacements for all your spare players. This active spare player in your players list will require his online payment to be able to be inserted in your

line-up free positions.


WEB BASE application or with GoalSoft use. Taking statistics becomes simple and fast. Statistics compilation of all power plays situations, easy shots players recording & easy face-offs players recording.  Include the statistics of the regular or auxiliary goalkeepers.

Detailed games summaries generation. For both stats and summaries, the online publication is almost done in real time.

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